Static Var Generator (SVG)  35kvar,module type

Static Var Generator (SVG) 35kvar,module type

Brief description of reactive power compensation SVG:

The static var generator (SVG) applies the newly upgraded third generation numerical control technology and the industry-leading T-type three-level topology technology to dynamically and accurately compensate the reactive power in the power grid system. The instantaneous response time can be less than 50uS, and the full response time is only less than 10ms, avoiding the occurrence of over-compensation and under-compensation. It is the best solution in the field of reactive power regulation.

Fundamental Principle of SVG

The reactive content of the load current could be quickly analyzed by connecting SVG in parallel in the power grid system, linking external CT to detect the load current in the power grid, as well as using DSP / FPGA / CPLD chip and the latest fast harmonic extraction technology. Then according to the set value, PWM pulse is generated to drive the bi-directional converter, which is composed of T-type three-level IGBT module, to generate reactive power compensation current, meeting the requirements of power grid. The power factor of the power grid can reach 0.99, and the dynamic and accurate compensation of reactive current can be realized finally.

Features of  Static Var Generator:

1.The industrial model adopts tower structure with high environmental adaptability, which is suitable for industrial occasions with harsh operating environment;

2.There are independent air duct and single board warehouse inside the industrial model to ensure the stable operation of the machine;

3.Compact modular products are suitable for the data center and other computer rooms with requirements for floor space;

4.Modular products adopt the same design concept as industrial machines, and have stronger environmental adaptability;

5.Inductive reactive power and capacitive reactive power can be compensated instantaneously in full range, and the problem of three-phase unbalance can be solved at the same time;

6.Millisecond load dynamic response, accurate reactive power compensation function;

7.A variety of functional options, industrial models up to IP43 protection;

Capacity 35kvar
Mounting Mode Wall mount
Power grid Frequency 50/60Hz(±10%)
Power grid voltage 380V(-40%~+20%)
Power system 3Wire+N+PE
Type of optics Active

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