DC-Filter DFG 120A

DC-Filter DFG 120A

Product Profile:

Great common mode and differential mode filtering effect, broadband filtering range

compact structure and high cost performance

Can solve most of the conducted interference of DC power and electronic equipment

Rated current: 3~150A optional

Application Field:

Consumer electronics, household appliances

Electronic equipment and measuring equipment using DC power supply

Installation Tips:

The filter should be installed at the entrance of the power cord to reduce radiation interference.

The filter must be well grounded, that is, the filter housing is in conductive contact with the mounting surface of the case and connected with low impedance.

The input and output wires connected to the filter should be separated from each other and cannot be bundled together with wires to avoidCoupling and bypass the filter, causing the filter performance to decline.

When the filter ground terminal is grounded, the ground wire should be as short as possible.

When the filter terminal is a bolt, use two wrenches, one wrench to fix the root nut, and the other to tighten or loosen the outer nut, otherwise the terminal may be damaged.

Matters Needing Attention:

The filter has leakage current. It is recommended that the filter larger than 50A be well grounded through the ground terminal.

There is an energy storage device in the filter, it is recommended not to operate within one minute after the power is off to prevent electric shock.

The high-current filter works for a long time and the surface temperature is high. Please do not touch the surface of the shell to prevent burns.

The working conditions of the filter should comply with the technical standards of the trademark. Long-term overvoltage or overload will cause the filter life to be shortened or damaged.

Nominal Current Range (A) 120
Nominal Voltage range (V) 1000VDC
Phase 3 Phase

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