LCL Filter for grid type converters and Four - quadrant inverter  7.5KW

LCL Filter for grid type converters and Four - quadrant inverter 7.5KW

LCL Filter  Description:

LCL filter is designed to solve Grid-Connection harmonic voltage problem, converting PWM voltage waveform to pure Sine Wave, lower the distortion to power grid. Make sure the whole system function well. LCL filter also has limitation for current harmonics.

LCL Filter  Features:

Power quality improvement for Active Infeed Converter (AIC)
High attenuation of pulse frequency to the grid side
Integrated damping resistors to suppress current oscillation
Degree of protection: IP00
Modifications possible according customer specific requirements
Design complies with CE certification

Technical data and measuring conditions:

Rated voltage :  400 V AC (50/60 Hz)
Rated current :  Referred to 50 °C rated temperature1)
Test voltage:   2240 V DC, 2 s (line/line), 2720 V DC, 2 s (lines/case)
Overload capability : 1.5 x rated current for 3 min per hour
Active infeed converter (AIC)/ Frequency inverter carrier frequency: 2 kHz ... 8 kHz
Motor frequency:   0 Hz ... 100 Hz
Motor cable length:  less than 150 m
Noise:     approx.. 72dB
Climatic category (IEC 60068-1):  25/100/21


Finger-safe terminal blocks (16 A to 66 A)
Busbars for AIC reactors and line reactors (100 A to 400 A)

Application of LCL Filter:

Active Infeed Converter (AIC), Four-quadrant frequency Inverter, PV and other new energy applications which require grid type converters.

IP Class IP00
Nominal Current Range (A) 13
Nominal Voltage range (V) 400
Phase 3 Phase
Power range (KW) 7.5
Switching Frequency ≥8KHz
THDv <5%

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