Sine wave filter, dv/dt filter 30kw Rated Current 60A, Separate

Sine wave filter, dv/dt filter 30kw Rated Current 60A, Separate

Description of Sine wave filter:

SWF Series Sine Wave Filters convert the PWM output signal of motor drives into a smooth sine wave with low residual;
Reduce the resonance phenomenon caused by distributed capacitance and inductance of the long cable(longer than 50 meters);
Eliminate the excessive motor voltage caused by high dv/dt,
Reduce noise of motor by filter application;
Prolong motor life;
Protecting the motor insulation;
Increase transmission distance;
With the application of this filter, normal motor can replace variable frequency motor.

Applications of Sine wave filter:

HVAC installations, Compressors
Elevators ,Cranes , wind power,UPS,EPS
Motor drive with long cable
Motor drive with multiple motors in parallel
Medium voltage applications(deployed in front of the step-up transformer)

Technical Data of Sine wave filter:

Nominal voltage range : 3*380 to 500VAC±10%
Motor frequency: 0-120Hz;
Switching frequency :2.0kHz -16K HZ;
Residual Ripple Voltage:THDv<5%
Voltage drop at rated current:≦10%(50HZ);
Motor Cable Length:Up to 2000m;
Work Model:Continuous for indoor operation
Norminal Motor drive input power rating:3.7kw to 630kw;
Efficiency:98 to 99%@norminal line voltage and power
Overload capability:150% 60S,120% 60min
Test Voltage:2240VDC,2s(line/line) 2720VDC,2s(lines/case)
Dielectric strength:AC4000V/5mA/60s
Insulation resistance:core-winding,≧100MΩ(DC1000V);
Climatic Category(IEC60068-1):25/100/21
Protection:IP30(IP40/IP54 upon request),indoor:IP20
Cooling:Internal forced air
Load type:typical motor load;standard step-up transformer;other linear load;

 Technical Standards of Sine wave filter:

Capacitors:CEI EN 60831-1/2,IEC 831-1/2
Equipment:CEI EN60439-1,IEC 439-1,IEC 60939

Characteristic of Sine wave filter:

Sikes Sine wave filters for various servo motor of VSD systems(esp for inverters or switching power suppliers),are designed to change the PWM output voltage of the inverter and generate an almost sinusoidal voltage . The passive series is intended for use in 380v-480v network.
Sikes offers you another economic choice except Schaffner and MTE filter .

Nominal Current Range (A) 60
Nominal Voltage range (V) 400
Phase 3 Phase
Power range (KW) 30
Switching Frequency ≥3KHz
THDv <5%
Type of optics Passive

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